Closure of some of the shops, meetings limited to 5 people, telecom: Federal Council tightens

In Ticino, general practitioners were called on Tuesday to hang a white coat over their window, and to do their work in hospitals for a minute; Symbolic action in protest.

Family physicians believe that they are not heard enough by the political world while they are in the frontline and regret the lack of strict measures to fight the epidemic. They want to be able to get vaccinated in their practices, as is the case in Wallace for example.

Decisive role in vaccination

“When the Kovid-19 task force was formed, there was no local doctor. We added one nine months later. This shows how much we have been ignored since the onset of this crisis.”, RTS Pierre -Yeves Rodondi, explained Wednesday in La Matineale of Wad general practitioner.

He explains that the situation was more difficult in the spring. “It’s still complicated, but there are other areas for which the situation is more difficult,” he said.

However, the role of general practitioner has rarely been so important, when the vaccination campaign started a few weeks ago in Switzerland. Pierre-Yves Rodondi believes it is important for family doctors to be able to get vaccinated in their practice: “I have this request from patients, unless I vaccinate, refuse to do so in centers , Hold Kovid for fear. We know the history of our patients’ lives and this allows us to advise them well, to understand what their concerns are, with information circulating on social networks. Also to understand “.

“Those who died were not going to die within 6 months, as some have said”

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Switzerland recorded an extraordinary number of deaths in 2020. Closely associated with Kovid-19, this additional mortality has mainly affected senior citizens. Have we come up with this situation?

“It’s a feeling that I have, and that I find unbearable. I find it very hard to come up with so many dead. Every death is one death too much. And the people who died were not the ones who died. Six months later, as some have claimed, “Pierre-Yves regrets Rodondi.

>> Listen to the full interview with Vaud General Doctor Pierre-Yves Rodondi:

The dissatisfaction of the general practitioners of Romandi and Ticino: Interview with Pierre-Yves Rodondi (video) / current guest / 8 min. / Tomorrow at 07:17

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