Brian May: Queen guitarist wins battle with Sansbury to save the Hengehogs. UK News

A wildlife campaign led by Queen guitarist Brian May has won the battle with the supermarket chain to save the threatened hedgehog’s habitat.

Amazing Grace, a co-founded hedgehog charity Composer, Is now forming an “exciting” partnership with Sansbury to “enhance” an animal habitat, Sky News reported.

May and the charity launched a campaign when the organization plans to expand their store in Surrey Birmingham, threatening about May0 trees and nearby wildlife.

Within 24 hours of the girl’s intervention, Sansbury agreed to withdraw the plan and work together to develop a more wildlife-friendly plan.

May, who has written numerous Queen songs, including Save Me, Save Me, and We Will Rock You, said: Great move.

“We are now confident that solutions can be found for their enhanced planning that is sustainable and effective, supporting native plants, animals and people.”

May, 73, a frequent preacher on wildlife issues and previously spoke out against badger cooling and fox hunting.

A pair of hedgehogs (file pick)
The threatened hedgehog’s habitat has been preserved. File image

Ann Brumer, chief executive of the Save Me Trust, a wildlife charity that runs Amazing Grace, said she was impressed by Sensbury’s response.

He said: “Someone from Sciencebury contacted us within 24 hours. We had a phone call with Zoom and they agreed to withdraw the plan. Brian and I were both really impressed.

“The big thing for them was to show that they were working with us to pull the plan straight away and to expand the site. We’ve crossed the moon.

“Sinsbury had a real commitment to help wildlife. Wildlife is already there – it’s a lot of work for developers, but extra work saves wildlife.

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“It’s really important to work with someone as big as Sciencebury

“If you cut down trees, you are literally removing hedgehogs and other wildlife from their supermarkets. This is their food source.”

A spokesman for Sciencebury said the retailer was looking forward to working with wildlife teams on a new proposal that would support the environment, jobs and shopping needs.

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