BFMTV unveils impressive new footage of the attack

Earlier this day on Tuesday, June 8, when he was questioned by the press over political tensions that stir public opinion, Emmanuel Macron called for “calm”. And he didn’t think he was saying that well. A few hours later, as he was traveling in drums, the President of the Republic was slapped by a man who was waiting for him among the crowd on his way out of a hotel school trip in Tan-l’ Hermitage. A 28-year-old man who was immediately subdued by the security service of the head of state.

Within minutes, the filmed scene was widely broadcast on social networks and French news channels. For his part, Emmanuel Macron preferred to put out the fire by acting as if nothing had happened. And if he quickly uncovered the facts during his meeting with the restaurant a few hours later, the president of the republic did not want to change his political agenda. A few hours later, it was in the streets of Valence that this time he was stopped by a high school student who was not shy. But what remains the subject of discussion on Tuesday, 8 May are the pictures of this famous slap given to the President of the Republic. And BFMTV has found another video recording that shows more than this.

In fact, the channel found new pictures taken by a woman in the crowd. “Hurry up! Come on, come!” Can we hear him say while looking at Emmanuel (…)

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