Banksy Show Me Money Painting Auction for 7.5 Million at Artists and Musicians

Banksy’s Claude Monet’s prophetic water lily has grossed more than 7. 7.5 million at auction, easily surpassing expectations.

Show Me Minute was created in 2005 and has added a traffic cone to abandoned shopping trolleys and the famous garden scene.

The auction house said it was sold at the Sotheby’s event in London on Wednesday after a nearly nine-minute fight between five collectors.

It received 7,551,600, contrary to expectations of £ 3.5m-5m.

The painting is the second most expensive banquet sold at auction, last year for the 9.9 million.

Show me Monet makes part of a series titled Crude Oil, which does the traditional work of “remixing”.

The series also includes Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers dying or dying in their vase, Edward Hoppers Nighthawks, an angry man in Union Jack Boxer Shorts, and Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe re-encounter with Kate Moss.

Alex Branzik, European head of Sotheby’s in contemporary art, says: “In one of his most important paintings, Banksy took a figurative image of Monet, the bridge of Japan, in the famous garden of the Impressionist master of the Givarni and transformed it into modern-day fly-tipping. Spot

“Ideal lilies litter the composition of the minutes with more canals than banks, banks abandoned shopping trolleys and fluorescent orange traffic cones.

“Always a scientist as a voice of protest and social dissent, here Banksy sheds light on society’s contempt for the environment in favor of the abusive excesses of consumerism.”

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