Arts and Arts News pleads guilty to stealing Paul Gascoin to return late father’s diamond-encrusted watch

Paul Gascoigne arriving at court in Dudley

Paul Gascoigne appealed to thieves who broke into his home and stole about 14,000,000 pieces of jewelry to return emotional items that were “too much” for him.

Former England footballer, who is famous Gaza, Saying that the loss of an item in particular – a watchman who was his late father – was “heartbreaking”.

Talking to Good Morning Britain from his back garden in the pool, Dorset, He told Pierce Morgan and Susanna Reid: “When I signed for Tottenham, I treated myself to an expensive diamond watch and gave it to my father as I attended.

“I told him ‘you can do it’ and he was on the moon. He must have told me back that he lived a long time and didn’t wear it for a while.

“When he died, I gave a lot of things to the family to remember my father and I kept this particular thing … I was very close to my father and he gave it to me.”

Gascoigne at the top of England’s career at 99 Euros

At this point the 53-year-old became emotional, fighting with visible tears. He later said that the incident worried him every time he went out.

Gascoigne went on to say: “I don’t think of anything else, but sensitive things that mean a lot of hell to me.

“I mean, whoever gets it, if they want to put it in a bag and leave it somewhere, they don’t have to own it. It’s heartbreaking.

“When you see people being robbed, you never really think about it until you’re on your own.

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“Now that I’m talking about it really hurts me. You know the stupid things that don’t mean anything to them but mean a lot of hell to me.”

Gaskaigen is thought to have been filming an episode of Pierce Morgan’s Life Story with fellow football players. Vinnie Jones.

The pair played in the 1990s and are now good friends.

Morgan has since said that the police have made a statement that he thinks he shared, warning Gascoin thieves sitting in the audience of the live studio about the house being empty.

Morgan added another plea to find the culprits: “It’s very sad for Paul. What kind of person is he? You know what he’s been for the last few years … so if we can find them, it’s great.” “

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Widely recognized as one of the most talented football players of his generation, Gascoigne has struggled with alcoholism and mental health problems in recent years.

Dorset police are investigating the crime and asking anyone with contact information.

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