Angry giraffes chase tourists to Kenya’s Game Reserve

Breakneck chase: Angry giraffe sees truck loaded with tourists at Kenya’s game reserve

  • Dean Muchena was on a safari at the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya
  • He was taking pictures of the giant giraffe when he charged a group of tourists
  • Zoologists say giraffes can reach a shamefully high speed of 40mph

This scary moment is when a very angry giraffe chases a truck of tourists from its patch to a nature reserve.

On December 2, Deacon Muchena, a Kenyan, went on a trip to the jungle at the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya, when he saw a huge giraffe heading towards the car.

The shocking moment that teacher and photographer Deacon showed in the video was shocking to see a huge giraffe ‘charging’ in a group of tourists.

A large giraffe charges some tourists at the moment in Kenya’s Mister Mara Game Reserve

Giraffes are capable of running short distances at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour

The giraffe is capable of running 40 miles at short distances

The giraffe is able to travel 40 miles at short distances.

The group was leaving after spending time praising the giraffes in their pastures in the reserve.

According to Deacon, who believed that the creature had done wrong to their enemies, according to Deacon, this huge creature came so close that it ‘almost got into the car’.

The team was chased ‘fatally’, but the driver eventually managed to get the car out of its way – causing it to cool for a long time.

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Luckily no one was hurt and in the end they were left alone – but Deacon described the experience as ‘scary’.

He said: ‘The giraffe seemed innocent at first – but suddenly it became obscene and chased us out of our natural habitat.

‘It even tried to stop our exit at one point – but we managed to escape.

“It must have been a scary adventure.”

Luckily the driver was able to move his vehicle out of the way of the charging beast

Luckily the driver was able to move his vehicle out of the way of the charging beast


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