Andrea McLean explains why she left Loose Women and confirms final show date

Loose Women’s Andrea McLean explained the real reason why she decided to leave the show in her tragic and tearful announcement on Monday.

His co-host, Janet Street Porter, grilled him about why he was leaving and told him to announce it at an event where Janet was missing.

Andrea said it happened because of her nervous breakdown due to her presence at Celebrity SAS last year, then the epidemic occurred.

Speaking to comrades Judy Love and Stacey Solomon, Janet said: “I wasn’t here and you made the announcement without us, but I was shocked.

Andrea said she was embarrassed to cry on TV

“What did you decide? What’s the balance tipple, was it a lockdown?”

“Yeah, yeah, Janet,” Andrea said.

“And as you know I had a really rough year, and I think anyone who had any kind of mental problem, I had a breakdown last year and then obviously we have a global epidemic, you stop and think about your life, Everyone said, ‘I can’t wait to go back to where I was.’

Andre explained that he realized he didn’t get time to waste at 51

“And I thought if you get a discount this year and go next year, that means next year I’ll be back in 2019.”

“I want to wait and how do I want my life? I realized I need to be brave, I need to take bold steps, I’m 51, so how much longer do I have to!” “

Stacey said quietly: “Well Blimie Andrea, it’s a little thin!”

Janet was furious with Andrea for announcing her departure on Janet’s holiday

Andre replied: “No, it’s true! There is an urgent basis and if it doesn’t happen now, when? There’s no such thing as the right time. You have to get out of that branch and hope the universe has caught up with you.”

Andrea said she was embarrassed by so much crying on the show and said she didn’t realize it was going to happen.

He confirmed that he had “four or five shows left” and confirmed that “I’m not sick, just leaving”.

“Everyone’s response has been really nice. I don’t expect to talk about it today.”

* Loose Women is broadcast on ITV on weekdays at midnight

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