Amazon Prime Day 2020 UK coming soon: Hu with Kindle, Echo, Blink and more

Part of this story Amazon Prime Day, You need to know and CNET’s guide to make sure you get the best deal.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 13th October, Amazon Prime Day Techn launches in the UK properly – and some notable deals are already available.

Amazon’s own devices (such as the Kindle, Echo and Ring) always bargain for sure-fire but as the name implies, you need to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of the savings.

But while Prime Day sales on Thursday won’t start until tomorrow, surprised UK shoppers may already find some great deals and start their Christmas shopping early. Check out our picks of the best Amazon Prime Day Deals below and be sure to bookmark this page as we highlight the best savings in all things technology this week.

Note that you have one if you hold the price below Amazon Prime membership (ড 8 a month or £ 80 a year). Pricing was accurate at the time of publication but could fluctuate without caution. We’ll update this story with the best UK Prime Day deals available this week.

Sara T / CNET

Amazon’s Kindle PaperHight has a bright, backlit display that makes it easy to read your favorite ebooks in any illuminated state. It is also waterproof, meaning it is safe to take a bath.

Sara T / CNET

Amazon’s largest, busiest smart speaker is getting healthier discounts with 50 discounts, this Prime Day. Ideal for those who want wide bits as well as answers to questions about the weather.

Tyler Legenby / CNET

Echo Dot is Amazon’s smallest and most affordable smart speaker, making it a great option to add Alexa voice controls to any – or every home in your home.

Chris Monroe / CNET

The Eco Show 5 is Amazon’s smallest smart display that uses its voice assistant, Alexa, to voice its videos, manage your calendar, display weather reports. At just 40, it’s the lowest price we’ve ever seen.

Chris Monroe / CNET

With an 8-inch display, the Echo Show 8 offers the same functionality as its younger siblings but with a larger screen for more immersive video. This discount like Echo Show 5 is the biggest savings we have seen in this product

Rick Broida / CNET

The most effective way to add home security to your property is the Blink Mini. With a full HD resolution, night vision, microphone and motion detection it provides a live feed on your phone to give you peace of mind while you’re away from home.

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