Mesut Ezil offers football to keep people in Arsenal jobs

Mesut has offered to pay Jerry Coy’s full salary as long as he is in Arsenal’s famous Gunnar Sauras mascot attire as a player for the Easy Club.

Cui, who has been in Arsenal’s other legacy for 27 years, has been a staunch supporter of Gonzalez Hibari and the Emirates Stadium, as well as an instantly recognizable figure. Multiple controversial cost-cutting measures responsible for the effects of the epidemic were thwarted.

The move sparked outrage, especially when it came to light on the day Arsenal paid িট 45 million to Atletico Madrid for the Thomas party, who will earn 0 230,000 a week and receive more than 2 2 million in sign-on fees. The মজ 50,000 weekly wage paid to Ezil from the Mizel Arteta team was apparently against the money he had saved by partnering with Koye, but the midfielder tried to reclaim that detail and confirm a highly respected member of staff. Keep.

He wrote on social media, “I am deeply saddened that Jerry Qui aka our famous and loyal mascot… and an integral part of our club ২ became obsolete after 27 years,” he wrote on social media. “As such, Jerry can continue his work as long as I am not an Arsenal player so much that he loves me so much that I am offering to pay Arsenal with the full salary of our big green man.”

Arsenal, who announced 55 redundancies across their full-time staff in August, have yet to confirm whether they will accept Ezil’s offer. Although there is no doubt about his sincerity, he has been at odds with his employer on a number of issues in recent months, especially over doubts about his effective impact on the pay-cut in April. This seems to be a different situation.

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Arsenal insisted that Gunnarras did not stand up permanently and did not deny that Quick would take over the role again.

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