Ice hockey: National team will not play again in 2020

The Lions defeated Rappersville (5-3) in the Woodies Arena on Monday night. Suspense remained until the final siren, as the opponent was tough.

Relaunch. That was the mission of the Lausanne Hockey Club after the loss in Zurich last Friday. For this 3 games in a row at home, Luca Boltshauser is in goal, and Corey Conacher replaces Cory Emmerton in attack.

Recurrent disease

Bis repetition. LHC was still struggling to make its match. The Voodooise Arena team had difficulty in the 1st third during their third outing. The Lions have made the biggest chances, such as the post found by Corey Connor (8th), but it is actually their opponent who opens the scoring by Kevin Clarke (17th).

How to explain these difficult first thirds? Charles Hudon, Lausanne Striker:

Charles huddon

LHC forward

Charles huddon LHC forward

Fortunately, and this is one of the strengths of the Lausanne Hockey Club this season, the response is immediate, exactly 32 seconds later. Tim Bojon could allow Lauder to join the room after 20 minutes of play with a score of 1 to 1 and include Vudois.

Confidence confirmed the Voodois wardrobe by Charles Hudon:

Charles huddon

LHC forward

Charles huddon LHC forward

The third third begins with a great memory of Canadian Charles Hudon, who finds this position, while the cage was wide. The Lakers nevertheless concede 2–1 seconds later (Bertsky 22nd). Lausanne plays better in this period, but the LHC does not manage the physicality, unlike RHCerswil, who manages to do it (30th Lehman). Symbolically, Charles Hudon finished the third, as he had begun, by touching the amount of cages of Melvin Nyfeller (40th).

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First line on fire

The last 20 minutes ideally begin. The first Lausanne line begins its festival. Brian Gibbons was the first to allow LHC to move from 3 to 2 (41st). But St. Gallons are tough. Back on the ice after serving his penalty of 2 minutes, Igor Jelovec can go to face Luka Boltshauser, and especially to equalize in a strong way (45th).

Courageous, the lions return for an attack in search of victory. Well served by Brian Gibbons and Dennis Malagin, it was Charles Hudon who scored the deciding goal for the Lions.

Charles Hudon had not scored since 1 November:

Charles huddon

LHC forward

Charles huddon LHC forward

LHC believes it will take shelter after a few moments, but Voodoo’s success is canceled after watching the video. The end of the game was tense, but the Lausanne residents held on and scored the 5th goal in an empty cage by Dennis Malagin (60th). The next match in Fryeburg on Wednesday.

Other results

Two other games were played on Monday evening. HC Davos hosted HC Bien. Celandis managed to win in overtime in a meet where they were badly prepared (4-5 AP).

For his part, Jug won easily at home against HC Lugano (5-2).

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