Waiting List Already for New Playing Grounds (Ghent)

Already waiting list for new playgrounds

The game ships Sophie Braque (Open VLD) and Mayer Mathias de Klerk (Open VLD) clearly need some practice to make an impression here.
Photo: Bart Morman

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Sports alderman Sophie Bracke (Open VLD) stepped into the eleven-hectare new sports ground on the Gentbrügsee Meersen on Saturday afternoon. At VSV Football Club, these also lead to long waiting lists. “We can’t find enough coaches to play all the candidate football players,” says the president.

The new running track and mountain bike course will especially appeal to the general public. Plus, everyone can move to one of the new football fields. Overall, the work on the playgrounds was a feat: the grounds were completed in just fourteen months. In the distant past, the lakes here were used for industrial dumps. In the past, a layer of soil was laid on it to make meadows. The area has now been extended by another meter, so that the excess water can easily flow back into Meersen itself.

The football club VSV (3rd Provincial) has been in the “Boer Jansen” in Gentbrüg for some time, but now has practice areas as well. In addition, there is a drainage system under the squares, and an automatic irrigation system in the event of drought.

Already waiting list for new playgrounds
The mountain bike course runs along a steep hill over the new running track.
Photo: Bart Morman

“It’s possible because we’re here at Meersen. The excess water goes into a holding basin, from where it can be pumped again for irrigation,” says Bram Quaghebber, project manager at the design agency Evolta. The VSV now has space for about 240 football players, but there are still a hundred players on the waiting list. “We don’t have enough coaches to provide all the football spots for him.” One of the new practice areas is also open to the general public. VSV’s priority is only between 5 pm and 8 pm.

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Baseball and softball club Gent Knights had to make way for a park on Drongensteenweg, and found a beautiful new home here. “We have had many new members since we moved in,” says chairwoman Caitriona Boxtel.

Then there is also a new cricket ground, which will be shared by two Ghent clubs, Arcadian and Gent Cricket Club. They had actually requested the not-ideal site at Kleis-Bourt Park in Mariakerke, and are happy they can move on. Cricket is particularly popular in England and the former English colonies, so players of mainly Pakistani and Indian origin, some Australians and the British play the game here.

An old dream has come true for the 90 members of the Ghent Target Shooters Archery Club: they have been shooting in a hall of the Sacred Heart in Sint-Amandsburg for 35 years, and are now finally given a place to shoot at the Olympic distance as well. Has been. (90 m) .. apparently no evidence: the sport ships Braque were allowed to try it, and at ten meters it required three shots to more or less hit the bullseye. He found comfort in what everyone thought his new playing fields hit the mark.

Bracke also tested out several gymnastic equipment from the so-called “street work-out” with Mayer Mathias de Klerk (Open VLD), but apparently would have to train a little to make an impression.

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