‘You’re a Dumb Bastard’: Trump Leaves Covid-19 Coverage on CNN and Continuously Lies

Donald Trump revived a rally on the battlefield Arizona by declaring the CNN host “dumb bastard” for the amount of coronavirus coverage on the cable network.

He announced the inauguration of the first of two campaigns in the state on Monday, as he had previously called on campaign workers to show that the American people were more “even” than the virus, even after new outbreaks in most states.

“They’re tired of the epidemic, aren’t we?” You turn on CNN. “These are the ones they cover,” he told Buns. “Covid, covid, epidemic. Covid, covid, covid. They are trying to talk people out of voting. ”

“People aren’t buying it, CNN, you dumb bastards,” the president lowered the virus again – and cheered loudly.

Moments later, however, Mr. Trump credited his and the prison administration authorities for pushing the private sector companies working on the vaccine to move quickly.

Surveys show that people are still concerned about the spread of the virus, although their behavior does not match what they say to Polstars.

The president appeared to lie even more, saying that his rallies were by far the largest for any U.S. president. Others have held large public gatherings on the basketball court, but Mr. Trump has been packing out places this year amid epidemics and plagues for years.

He reiterated that mail-in ballots were found in “rivers” and garbage cans – without citing individually attached evidence.

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