XV of Wizards on rugby pitch

Ah Christmas and its magic. In and around this holiday season, we are concocted for you. XV one of the most magical players We have been given to see this. Not for all the same reasons, we grant you, but each of them is magical in its own way.

1 – Laurent Delboles : Ah, we attack hard there, we know. In fact, the former Bordeaux player has nothing extraordinary on the meadow, but on the other hand, he is a wizard of the third half. Much appreciated by the Changing Rooms through which he passed, we shall not soon forget ‘S story revealed her small dance steps Matthew Bastariud during his years in Toulouse. “Lolo” This guy is not really above the rest and is essential to the life of a group, as much as boring for Christmas dinner. A wizard of humor. Yes, this is enough to integrate our team.

2 – Keith Wood : Christmas is also a touch of insanity, a little too ‘touched’ embodied by his uncle in a derogatory way that it presents without blinking his eyes after the stroke of midnight has passed. And to bring some madness to this pack, who better than the former hooker of Ireland? The record holder for the number of attempts made in an international match by the first line (4), the first winner of the title of World’s Best IRB Player in 2001, to attempt a drop (and succeed) in the middle of a match or drop wingers. Thank you for being able to. To his uncles, “Uncle Pester” was a UFO in his post. An actual magician who has all the same 15 registered tries with the Greens in 58 selections. Whatever your hanging Bailey Hooker feels after a successful fake pass on a warm-up touchdown. just think.

3 – Tamifuna : If any self-respecting New Zealand player “Big Ben” has above average skill for his position, the Bordeaux right-hander is more famous for his weight of 38 tons than his double jump. However, To our knowledge, he is only 150 times Pulagase, able to swell against poles like Rory McIlroy in the Ryder Cup, and that’s magic. A little sweetness in this cruel world.

4 – Sebastian Chabal : Without disrespecting him, “Kevman” has plenty to do on the pitch, except for a unique tendency to scare the crowd every time he touches the ball. But with the passage of time and white hair showing the tip of his nose for many years, Chabal now looks more and more like Santa Claus. A Santa Claus feeds free-range chicken, sure, but a Santa Claus is all the same. Hence he deserves his place in this XV more than anyone. And then, looking ahead to present him as he is handing out stamps on the meadow. Just plan a double ration of cupcakes and milk in the corner of the chimney.

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5 – Beat Itoje : Him? Puff, everyone applies it, even your cousin, who applies under the pretext of Princess of Love that she managed half of her neighborhood. Itoje, this is an indescribable flow, Pecs that make half of all B cups pale, a Colgate smile, and a taste for prose. Icing on the cake, the boy is as good on the pitch as he is cultivating his style: the entire United Kingdom has to become captain of the British Lions that will challenge South Africa next year. It is very true to be true. What if that was a secret?

6 – Shulk Burger : We stop you immediately: yes we are talking about the same person, who was a tall blonde with the smile of a serial killer who was playing under the Springbox jersey playing like a Paris butcher from the Ancien Regime. There is nothing really magical in itself. But it’s so easy to go Without worrying about your own health, smother yourself on opposing defensive walls, It is that there was indeed an element of irrationality in Berger. Or just Sood-Af, it depends. Still, today at the age of 37 and more than a hair on the pebble, not sure what makes a “tow-truck” a “handsome old man”.

7 – Emanol Harinordoqui : “Hari” was a training number 8, but he had to transfer to Flank to integrate it into our team, a bit like his nose every time his meeting started. But whatever the situation, the “leaping bask” had so much ease of sorting the balloons, handling them, always keeping them well, and reigning supreme in the air, that it was good everywhere. One of his only unsuccessful moves: his wax protection which he wore several times in 2010 … He was so proud of his shot that he did not dare to tell her that he was actually identified behind his mask.

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8 – Sergio Paris : « Sergio, this is Italian class As Louis Carbonell would say. We were not content with dreaming of all their careers, Touloni almost put her hair on the harbor and packed well at the age of 37. Legs diagonal, leopard, test, everything is done. The kind of player who gave such a gift can convince you that 2021 will be much better than 2020, because he has a secret in his hand.

9 – Antoine DuPont : No valves this time, “Toto” Just a wizard of this game. Not necessarily in the most aesthetic of ways like the other members of this XV, but because of its physical properties the ability to get out of any complex situation is simply beyond comprehension. Best player of 2020 tournament, fantastic club, but how far can Magnac’s kid go? No idea, but imagine that the legend states that he also found the secret to go through the walls, something that Santa Claus “himself” doesn’t know how to do.

10 – Quad Cooper : For rugby lovers, who don’t know, the former talent of the Velabies still plays rugby. In the Japanese second division. As if to reinforce his instinct, never do anything like everyone else. Hook to bend a knee, cross the leopard for a long time from his left, kicks from his target, everything Cooper would have done during his career. Always with success, moreover, he who took the meadow for a field of 7 regardless of the stakes of consecutive meetings. Former Toulon at age 32 However, he still delights his Instagram community with gestures about what secrets he has.

11 – Rupeni Kakabunibuka : Who better than left Roopas occupied the position of left winger as the Fijian showed us the dream with his number 11 in the back. Sometimes at 100 kg, sometimes at 120, the former lead was still the same event as being able to cross the field at will or give an acrobatic pass. according to him The most talented player ever Joe Rocococo, in his career, with 68 selections, the All Blacks, has to say.

12 – Matt Gitto : Association 10 – 12 Australians in this XV because it is Wallaby with 102 selections to be chosen along with Cooper. Ultra versatile, With exceptional game intelligence, Giteau succeeded the Australian franchise for a decade, before going into exile at Teton and winning 3 European Cups. In the harbor, he formed a spectacular collaboration with Wilkinson and Bastriud around him. A pure genius, a real one.

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13-Sophian Guitoune : Some people may have chosen Brian O’Drisol or Semi Radradra, but we’re betting on Sophian Guitown. Who else is there, but he can try a faking pass for someone and somehow betray the defense or try his teammates while he falls The Guitoune is also the one who is able to give you an old kick while his team is on target … whether successful or not, at least originality always remains Toulouse’s center and you can never, by his unorthodox gestures Don’t get bored But talent has it that they often misunderstand …

14 – Sitwedi Shivvatu : We were on the verge of choosing Yohan Huggett for the post, but we decided to stop the flood here and leave the “giant” alone for his last Christmas as a professional player. Instead, we chose Siwivatu, two players born in Fiji on the wings that cannot be invented. If he is a little less famous than his friend of the Blacks who Rocococo, the winger in 33 tries in 33 selections was probably even more technically a gift. A second world skill, an indomitable realization, Sivavatu really gave this guy the impression of being more talented than everyone else who knows it. An event that, and it is anything but a coincidence, today Castres is a coach of individual technique for the Olympics.

15 – Juan Martin Hernandez : Finally, to end this XV of Magic players, who is better than “El Mago” himself? Probably the most talented player in professional rugby, who if he was a little more hardworking and less injured, would undoubtedly have twice as much career as he once was. The kind of guy who can pull any move with his hat on you, just for the fun of it do a 25-meter chistia in front of the grandstand … Hernández. The owner of the leopard, the owner of the banana-kick. The only friend who could pass David Copperfield as an incomparable talent first-round illusion.

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