Woman leaving NJ

Woman leaving NJ

A 19-year-old New Jersey man was accused of killing and disrespecting human remains after he killed a woman with the help of his 14-year-old daughter, and after weighing the bottom of the body with cinderblocks and kitty litter. According to a report, to the creek.

Nicolas Coirazza, from Lodi, was accused of stabbing Divna Rosasco, 51, at Cresskill’s home several times, and then helping the girl’s body pour Teaneck into Overpeck Creek, Daily Voice reportedcompetent authorities.

The father of the girl reported that the victim was missing at 12:20. According to media reports, Bergen District Attorney Mark Musella said.

A sheriff patrol assistant later found that Rosasco’s bloody SUV was parked near a boat ramp. He was twisted in a pronounced attempt to remove the plate in sight.

Robert Anzilotti, Head of Detectives of Bergen District Attorney General, told the news that Rosasco’s body was found in about four feet of water with the help of the K-9 unit.

His body was tied with duct tape, wrapped around a sheet with a plastic bag and weighed with a bucket filled with concrete and kitty litter, among other things.

According to Musella, a police officer later said that the suspect was “recognized by the family,” in a nearby hotel parking lot, Coirazza and a Uber, where the girl tried to leave, stopped.

Coirazza was accused of first degree murder, disrespect for human remains, falsification, blocking and possession of weapons.

The unnamed girl was charged with juvenile offenses, including disturbing human remains, falsifying evidence, and preventing anxiety.

Coirazza was held in Bergen County Prison, waiting to appear in Hackensack court.

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The cause of the massacre is being investigated.

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