Bolton thinks Putin can play Trump ‘like a violin’

President Trump’s former national security adviser believes that Trump fell into the hands of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I think Putin thinks he can play it like a violin,” said John Bolton. An excerpt from the ABC News interview It will be released on Sunday night.

“I think Putin is smart, tough. I think he sees that he has not encountered a serious enemy here, ”Bolton continued. “I don’t think you’re worried about Donald Trump.”

The interview is based on the publication of Bolton’s bomb telling book in the “Room It Is” at the White House, which is scheduled to air on June 23.

The book claims that the president has pressured the Chinese Office Xi Jinping to help choose Trump, along with other disturbing jokes and stories from the Oval Bureau.

The White House made great efforts to pressure Bolton and its publisher Simon & Schuster to publish his book. The Trump administration sued to prevent his release, and Trump warned that Bolton might face criminal charges.

Bolton continued in a one-on-one interview from crashing Trump when he came to foreign policy when he asked ABC News’s Martha Raddatz president’s ability to negotiate.

“The president can be an excellent seller of real estate in Manhattan,” said Bolton. “Dealing with strategic weapons-related weapon restriction agreements, dealing with many other international security issues is far from life experience.”

The former diplomat said that Trump “does not like” learning or reading such subjects.

“While dealing with someone like Putin, who understands Russia’s strategic positioning of Russia against Donald Trump in the world, he is in a very difficult position for America, who doesn’t like to read or learn about these issues.”

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