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Chris Krebs will be one of the heroes once the history books of this election are written. Last Thursday, while Trump was trying to make clear his unsubstantiated claim that Dominion voting systems and other companies providing electoral software had returned votes to President-elect Joe Biden, Krebs vehemently rejected his agency and 50 state election monitors. Worked with.

Krebs even reiterated a warning against “wild and baseless claims about the voting machine, even if made by the president.” This has angered the White House, but he has spoken out in favor of a task force that includes representatives of 50 state and state election directors.

Krebs and other election security officials had months to prepare, as Trump was so innocent of his intentions to ruin any such result that he did not go his own way. Biden should repeat this message: The outgoing president can show respect for himself and his party, but he cannot change the outcome.

Trump’s main target was Dominion Voting Systems, a claim that Dominion was “a privately owned radical left organization.” Pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell said evidence of forgery “came through the tube of fire.”

These conspiracy theories grow like water gas, is the nation helpless? Thanks to the establishment of monitoring systems a few months ago by officials determined to protect our democracy.

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