Where does the word ‘Boxing Day’ come from in England?

For many sports fans, ‘Boxing Day’ amounts to yes! Football in England on Boxing Day. But how is it that the non-Christian holiday is called there as it is called? Sportnieuws.nl is included in the history books.

Boxing Day is truly a part of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), although Boxing Day is just one day in many European countries. For example in the Netherlands. While there is an origin in Christianity on 25 December, the birth of Jesus Christ, Boxing Day is just an extra holiday.

Christmas box
There is no 100% consensus on where ‘Boxing Day’ comes from. The most credible theory is that in the 19th century the poor in society received a Christmas box, or a Christmas box (a type of Christmas gift). For example, postmen and servants living with wealthy Britons. They often had a day off immediately after Christmas.

In 2019
In fact, Boxing Day means ‘Boxing Day’, in this case Christmas boxes. Shopping in England is also very much during this era. A bit like Black Friday in the United States (and the Netherlands too). Apart from football, December 26 is also known for horse racing and fox hunting. In any case, it has nothing to do with boxing or fighting.

Watch the football schedule for Boxing Day here!

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