Washington: A police officer killed in an attack on the Capitol

A policeman was killed near the Capitol in Washington, the federal capital of the US, after being hit by a car. Another law enforcement representative was injured in the attack. The building was closed, the seat of the US Congress.

Capital Police Chief Yogananda Pitman gave more details at a press conference more than an hour after the incident.

The suspect hit two of our officers with his car“, Before hitting an obstacle, she expanded.”At this point, the suspect “exited the vehicle with a knife in his hand” and proceeded to contact Capitol police officers.“After which the agents gave him”ready“At that,” he said. One of the two injured officers. “Succumbed“He said.

This attack “Terror“, Specified police services.

According to US media, the driver of the car, who ran into police, was also dead. He must have died while being taken to the hospital. The suspect’s death has not yet been confirmed by police.

Following the attack, important avenues in the area were also closed and closed to traffic, police said.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, one of the two houses of the US parliament, located in a wing of the Capitol (another Senate), asked that the building should be half-incomplete to pay the flag tribute to the officer, the line of duty. Killed in

Impressive device around the Capitol since the attack by pro-Trump pro-protesters

The Capitol compound was placed under very high security following the deadly January 6 attack on the building led by Trump supporter protesters.

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Some protective barriers were recently removed, and the security perimeter around the U.S. Congress seat was tightened.

The Capitol Police intervened “After being informed that someone had driven a vehicle on two officersYogananda Pitman said.

The incidents took place near a Senate post.

The elected representatives of the Congress are on a parliamentary holiday this week but some members of their team, Congress workers and journalists were present.

According to images of a journalist filmed inside, a helicopter landed briefly on the Esplanade at Capitol’s leg and was then released.

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