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The United States government said on Tuesday that a negative Kovid-19 test would be required for all air travelers before traveling to the country, including Americans, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Tuesday. The CDC said in a statement, pre- and post-travel testing is an important measure to slow the introduction and spread of the virus..

Washington, January 13, 2021. — All passengers wishing to fly to the US by plane must, from January 26, present a negative test for the Kovid-19 to be authorized to travel, health officials announced on Tuesday. . American. This measure, which will come into force on 26 January, also recommends to retire three to five days after arrival in the country and stay out of the house for seven days after the trip.
“Pre and post travel testing is an important measure to slow down the introduction and spread of the virus,” the CDC said in a statement. This strategy is in line with the current phase of the epidemic and more effectively protects the health of Americans, ”the government agency said.
The United States, the country most affected by the coronovirus epidemic, has already recorded more than 22.7 million confirmed infections and approximately 380,000 deaths, as cases are increasing nationwide.
Laboratory testing for the Kovid-19 should be performed within three days of a negative United States trip and be documented in writing to the airline, who will be responsible for verifying these results. “If a passenger does not provide documentation of a negative test or recovery (from illness), or if a test is not performed, the airline must refuse boarding to the passenger,” he declared.

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The move is a matter of concern about the spread of new types of viruses registered in the United Kingdom and many cases have already been discovered in the United States.

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