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The record-breaking 100 million people have already voted before election day, meaning Joe Biden will be the first in the history of the 2020 presidential election to vote against Donald Trump, with more people voting than on election day.

This can make for some election night irregularities: while others may be seriously late, results may come faster than usual in some places.

A terrifying new coronavirus wave could also reduce voting and counting. And Trump has spent weeks dragging on supporters with false allegations of voter fraud and ballot theft. Unpublished actions by Trump or his surrogates on election day could disrupt the process.

U.S. election officials and media agencies who usually call the race on election night say the winner of the election is unlikely to be clear by midnight on Tuesday. This is not uncommon – in three of the last five elections in 2000, 2004 and 2016, midnight has passed

On the other hand, if a candidate decides to win in the main state, we may have a result in the presidency at the end of the night. And the huge early voter turnout information can provide important insights into how the election is unfolding.

Here’s a rough guide to how to play at night:

6pm ET (3pm PT, 11am GMT, 10am AADT)

Evening.  Ta, Mitch McConnell

6 p.m., Mitch McConnell Composite: AP

The first poll is mostly closed Indiana And Kentucky (Both states have wide time zones). In Indiana, Vigo County on the Illinois border has voted with the winner of the presidential election every time since 1956. But don’t wait for Vigo: Indiana is known as the fast car but the slow vote count.

Kentucky Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is expected to be given a chance to run in his re-election. But if McConnell wins re-election, will he return as the majority leader – or will Democrats win control of the Senate overnight? This is the biggest award of this election after the White House.

7pm ET (4pm PT, Midnight GMT, 11am ADT)

7 p.m.  Sen. Lindsay Graham

7 p.m. Graham Composites by Sen. Lindsay: Getty

Just like that, things become interesting. At 7pm most of the polls get to see the important position of the title Florida, Which counts the votes quickly – when it does not give except as soon as the results begin to come, look for the swing of the election (Here is a list of Twitter) Whether Trump matches his 2016 margin in this county to start raising their eyebrows significantly. Election night can really start to feel one way or another, so expect emotion.

And there will be a lot to see. How Republican senator and Trump ally Lindsay Graham is doing South Carolina? Tax out early returns Virginia Looking good for Trump? What is the African American turnout in Atlanta – and is there any indication of what’s going on with those lunatics? Georgia Senate race?

Georgia is one of the “safest” Republican states where Beadon was seen, according to the vote, so the results may indicate whether it was all democratic fantasy. But when the Georgia election closes at 7 p.m., don’t expect an immediate result, nor do you expect Trump to hang on to what will be the primary leadership, as Atlanta and its Democrats often say the last word.

7.30 pm ET (4.30pm PT, 12.30am GMT, 11.30am)

7.30pm Tom Tillis

7.30pm Tom Tillis Composite: Getty

Not going back now. Get ready for a bunch of returns as you try to keep an eye on Florida North Carolina, Which quickly counts its initial ballots and reports them first. Beware: Lots of Democrats voted early on, as elsewhere in North Carolina, and the state could be as isolated as any cheap beach ball that looks like Biden’s early lead. North Carolina is a place where Democrats could be really greedy, he not only wanted a defeated victory in the presidency, but also a reversal of the Senate seat, Democrat Cal Cunningham accepted Republican incumbent Thom Tillis. Or Trump could just repeat his 2016 victory here and carry Tillis in his cotts, causing the most perceptible rise in McConnell’s face-to-face scratches in Kentucky.

Also: Ohio. Unforgettable Democrats wonder when the state was used during the presidential election, and by 2020 some of those old sparks will start to burn again. Trump’s loss here would be a complete disaster for him. But don’t expect any preliminary results. Biden’s lead in early voting – Ohio has a few weeks to process the initial ballot and they expect to report immediately – could sink into Trump’s onslaught, and then everyone could turn to Cleveland, whose slowly published votes could make the nation look tougher. And tightly it has come to play for you, enjoy.

8am ET (5pm PT, 1am GMT, 12pm EDT)

8 p.m.  Susan Collins and Gary Peters

8 p.m. Susan Collins and Gary Peters Composite: Reuters / AP

Find an armrest and grab it. So far, a lot is going to happen in reality and some of the historical forms of the nation are seeing something in the scene. Recognizing them will be a challenge.

And new results will come. Two states, Michigan And Texas, Some polling sites will close, others will close at 9 p.m. If Biden looks closer in Texas – [did we just type that?] – Hello, History See also the Senate race in Michigan, where Democratic incumbent Gary Peters could get into trouble. Speaking of the Senate – is there a shot of Democrat Doug Jones holding his seat in danger? Alabama? And what Republican incumbent Susan Collins is losing in the end Maine? A loss to Collins would push Democrats toward a dream of a Senate majority and could erase that smile in Kentucky as well.

And then there are Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania closes the polls at 8 p.m. However, the results of the Pennsylvania election will not be known until 8 p.m. In fact, it is quite possible that the results of the election in Pennsylvania will not be known for several days. Because according to officials here, Philadelphia, the state’s largest city, could take days to count its mail-in ballots from Democrats’ ears.

Pennsylvania’s slow count is one of the most admirable and troubling key to an election night slump, where Trump took a “red mirage” in the state to declare victory, an interactive commentator on how all can be effective here after an election bidon was published.

Keep an eye on Pennsylvania, but don’t breathe.

9pm ET (6pm PT, 2pm GMT, 1pm EDT)

9 p.m.  Mark Kelly

9 p.m. Mark the Kelly composite: EPA

If you fail to get any kind of mental activity from the night of this election, our next moment is over, our prediction, the power of democracy will begin.

We’ll be looking back, at Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Georgia. But we will turn around and wham – Arizona, Who is accustomed to voting early and quickly counts his votes, will hit us with some results. Be aware that in the past, Arizona’s preliminary results show more Republicans than final results. Democrats are counting on a Senate pickup here with candidate Mark Kelly, who actually launched a rocket into space.

(Succeed for a moment as the train flew from Pennsylvania to Arizona Biden, one of the easiest ways the contest could end in a 2626-2699 electoral college fight.)

Then switch to channels Colorado, Where we can expect preliminary results. Democrats here, too, rely on Senate pickups. Inside New MexicoWill Trump be able to keep the eight points he gave Hillary Clinton in 2016? And zero on Omaha, NebraskaWhere Biden hopes an electoral college vote will really turn red.

Finally, there is Wisconsin. Democracy has been shattered in Wisconsin by the line of interim votes and the shameful Republican democracy and the shameful Republican work to keep minority voters from voting. Look for any preliminary results outside of the Hill Milwaukee suburb, which is very good for the Republican Party, where voting is actually effective the city of Milwaukee will actually take longer.

10pm ET (7pm PT, 3am GMT, noon EDT)

10 o'clock at night.  Johnny Ernst

10 o’clock at night. Johnny Ernst Composite: At the Gate

We have no idea what kind of action will be in the rear-view mirror right now – perhaps we already feel like a winner? – but incoming states are clearly visible: Utah, Where Trump’s margins would be of interest; Nevada, Where it looks like Biden could have a surprisingly tough run at hand; And Iowa.

Results from Iowa should be handled with a whip. Like Ohio, it played for the Democrats, and some wondered if it would return to the blue in 2020. For Trump, this outcome could be a catastrophic night, and it could be imaginary.

But what doesn’t look like the overall fantasy is the Republican senator’s walk in Iowa, the annoyance of Johnny Ernst, whose loss would be too strong for Democratic design in the Senate. But be careful: Ernst followed the preliminary results from Iowa in 2014, only to come from behind to win. So don’t plan to go to bed at 11pm ET knowing who won in Iowa. That would be nuts!

11 a.m. ET (8 p.m. PT, 4 p.m. GMT, 3 p.m. EDT)

11 p.m.  Biden and Trump

11 p.m. Featuring Biden and Trump: Getty

The poles are outside the west – in California, Oregon And Washington (And Hawaii). If the presidency is not close, the closure of voting in these states will result in a proper call for this contest.

On the night of the election, it is unrealistic to expect the 2020 Herbelis clean-cut result in the presidential race to end.

Consider this: In 2008, Fox News called for Barack Obama to step down from the presidency at 11 a.m. In 2012, the Associated Press announced Obama as the winner at 11:38 p.m. Even in 2016, when the battle between Trump and Clinton was so close to calling on election night, the Associated Press called Trump at 2:20 p.m. Wednesday.

The writing may be on the wall at this point. Or something unusual may happen. Or the story of the whole election revolves around a drain like a drowning insect around Philadelphia.

1am ET (10pm PT, 6pm GMT, 5pm EDT)

10 o'clock in the morning

1am Composite: Getty

At this last moment on the East Coast, if you’re still awake, you probably shouldn’t be surprised at how the election unfolded. Alaska. (Or maybe you’re just waking up in London? If you actually live in Alaska, please drop a line about what’s going on there))

During this time, wherever you are, the night has revealed some great mysteries and you are now mocking what it might mean for the country, for your family, for yourself, for tomorrow. Good night and good luck.

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