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Look, you know and I know that as soon as enough race was said that Biden has 270 electoral college votes, it still can’t be the end of it.

Wisconsin, which is in the 1% of the given Trump biden, will definitely recover. And there are legal challenges. Reuters puts together this readily available outline of a few key points:

Michigan ballot-counting fight
Trump’s campaign on Wednesday said it had filed a lawsuit in Michigan to prevent state officials from counting ballots. The campaign said the Michigan Court of Appeals lawsuit seeks to close the count until every missing-voter count board has an election inspector. The campaign also wanted to review any ballots that were opened and counted before a campaign inspector appeared.

Pennsylvania court battle
Republican officials filed a lawsuit against election officials in the Montgomery County, bordering Philadelphia, on Tuesday, alleging that they initially counted mail-in ballots and gave voters who submitted incorrect ballots a chance to re-vote. At a hearing Wednesday, Philadelphia U.S. District Judge Timothy Savage expressed doubts about their allegations and how they could affect the free and fair election.

In separate cases, Trump’s campaign called on a judge to stop counting ballots in Pennsylvania, claiming that Republicans had illegally denied access to the process.

Republicans in Pennsylvania, meanwhile, have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to reconsider a decision by the state’s highest court that set an election date of Friday to November for counting mail-in ballots for election officials. Trump’s campaign on Wednesday offered to intervene in the case.

Supreme Court justices said last week that there was not enough time to determine the merits of the case before election day, but indicated that they could reconsider it later. As a result, Pennsylvania election officials said they would separate the post-marked ballots that came after election day correctly, leaving the court open to the possibility of striking them later.

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U.S. Postal Service litigation
A judge on Wednesday said Postmaster General Louis Dzoy would have to answer questions before Tuesday afternoon about why the USPS failed to complete a court-directed sweep for inexperienced ballots in about a dozen states. U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan is overseeing a lawsuit filed by Vote Forward, NAACP, and Latino community advocates who have been demanding timely mail-in ballots to count the postal service for the election.

Georgia ballot fight
A lawsuit was filed in Georgia’s Chatham County State Court on Wednesday evening over Trump’s campaign. Unlike the Pennsylvania and Michigan move, the lawsuit is not asking the judge to stop counting ballots. Instead, the campaign said it received information that late-arrived ballots had been mistakenly mixed with valid ballots, and asked the judge to enter into an order separating late-arriving ballots so that they would not be counted.

Right after the announcement that there will be a state conference in Nevada this morning with state Republican chairs and attorneys in attendance, we will probably soon be able to add Nevada to that list.

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