United States: Biden signs 17 executive orders upon arriving at Odeon office

Wednesday, January 20, 2021 at 23:54

Washington – US President Joe Biden signed his first arrival at the Oval Office on Wednesday, a series of executive orders aimed at reversing some of his predecessor’s decisions.

The first executive decree signed by the 46th US president deals with the obligation to wear masks in federal buildings, reflecting their intention to quickly deal with the coronavirus epidemic that claims more than 400,000 victims in the country.

Mr. Biden signed an executive order announcing the withdrawal of the United States into the Paris Climate Agreement, and another to suspend Washington’s withdrawal from the World Health Organization (WHO).

In total, the US President signed 17 decrees and memoranda, including the cancellation of the travel ban imposed by his predecessor on several Muslim and African countries, as well as an order suspending construction work on the wall with Mexico. .

During his first appearance at the Oval Office, Mr. Biden told reporters, “These are the first of my many engagements.” “With the current state of the country, we have no time to waste. We should start work immediately ”, he insisted.

“Some of the executive functions I will sign today will help fight the Kovid-19 crisis and climate change.”

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