U.S. Election News Live: Latest 2020 update as polls open

The final vote is underway across the United States as Americans make the final decision on who will be their president for the next four years: Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

Nearly 100 million Americans had already cast their ballots before election day, and the poll found that Joe Biden led 66 percent of those voters. Of those votes today, 69 percent were in favor of President Trump.

As the world watches and the results begin to pour in, the eye will be on the big swing states like Pennsylvania, Ohio and the ever-important Florida.


False claims Democrats are trying to “steal” the election

A video circulating on social media showed a Republican poll monitor “incorrectly preventing” people from entering a polling station.

The staff at the polling station clearly stated that the man was in the wrong place because he had not been assigned to their ward and therefore had no reason to allow him to enter.

Liam James3 November 2020 13:59


The 2020 election deadline is still to come

Doesn’t the American election seem to be going on forever? This year’s election in particular, relentlessly driven by the coronavirus epidemic, running alongside tennidium, seems to have lasted longer than anyone expected.

Remember Michael Bloomberg trying to make himself president?

When did Warren really think he could get a Democratic nomination?

We’ve created a timeline of the most notable events so far, including what the 2020 election results will look like:

Liam James3 November 2020 13:36


Joe Biden is taking a flight to Pennsylvania after visiting his son’s wife’s grave in Wilmington, Delaware. He is scheduled to stop-off in Philadelphia and his hometown of Scranton.

(At the gate)

Biden boarded his promotional plane in Wilmington, Delaware Getty

Liam James3 November 2020 13:23 |


Slip Trump on Fox & Friends calls, first of all

Trump is loud in his presence at Fox & Friends. To be fair, his phone call came six hours after the end of his final campaign in Michigan, where he attended the sixth rally yesterday.

Calling this morning, Trump reaffirmed his unsubstantiated claim that America is “turning the corner” on the coronavirus and that the virus has spoken privately about affecting his son Baron.

The president told presenters he planned to make a “big series call” on election day.

Liam James3 November 2020 13:10


Biden and tweeted, Trump on Fox

Joe Biden was active on Twitter today, encouraging Americans to come out and vote. He has returned to his time as Obama’s vice president and has promised to work with Republicans and Democrats if elected.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has been seen dancing at various promotional rallies aired on the Village People’s Classic “YMCA” since he posted a compilation video late at night.

The President will now attend Fox and friends About an hour later than scheduled.

Liam James3 November 2020 12:56


Biden claims victory on first election day, full support in small town

With Joe Biden claiming victory on his first election day, every voter in the town of Dixville Notch stood up for the Democratic challenge.

Five voters, however, noted that one of them was a lifelong Republican.

New Hampshire, where Dixville Notch is located, was claimed by Hillary Clinton in 2016 by the narrowest of margins. Prior to this year’s election, the poll suggested Democrats swing more than 10 percent.

Liam James3 November 2020 12:43


Trending tags on Twitter have surprised commenters around the world about sharing their informed predictions about election results.

Though in another corner of the Twittersphere, ordinary people are just sharing their nerves and gut-feelings waiting for the result that will decide the future of the world’s superpower nation.

Liam James3 November 2020 12:26


Voting is now open in most states

Polling stations are now open in most states in the United States. Most of the time Americans vote in private will be open for the next 12 hours or so.

Liam James3 November 2020 12:10


Rows around corners of Brooklyn, polling stations empty elsewhere

Twitter is ablaze with footage of voters waiting outside polling stations. Voters seem to be effective in metropolitan Brooklyn, not so much in rural Virginia.

Liam James3 November 2020 11:55


Polling stations are open on the east coast

Polling stations have now opened on the East Coast in most of America’s most populous cities and regions, allowing voters to cast their ballots in person.

(Via AFP Getty)

Voters line up at a polling station in Winchester, Virginia AFP via Getty

Liam James3 November 2020 11:29

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