Turkey quipped by ECHR for violation of freedom of expression

Mistress FRTuesday 4 May 2021 – 07:17 pm

Turkey was pinned again on Tuesday by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in two separate cases for violating the freedom of expression of a journalist and a deputy.

Thus, judges of the Judicial Institute of the Council of Europe unanimously considered in the first case, by a majority in the second, that Turkey had violated the European Union’s Article 10 of the European Union’s rights. The person who protects freedom. Expression.

Ankara will have to pay 1,500 Euros for the benefit of a journalist known in Turkey, for the prohibition of “dissemination of information related to a parliamentary inquiry and any means of communication” related to a parliamentary inquiry that deals with allegations of corruption . Four former ministers in 2013 ”.

The country will have to pay 5,000 euros for non-economic damages and 4,000 euros for costs and expenses to Kurdish party MP HDP Filiz Keristekoglu Demir, whose parliamentary immunity was lifted in 2016 as part of a constitutional reform.

The ECHR considered reform of the constitution “with the aim of limiting the political discourse of MPs” in the context of the “fight against terrorism”.

Turkey is regularly condemned by the ECHR for particularly committed human rights violations following the July 2016 coup attempt.

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