Trump tweets suspicious flyers Andrew Jackson memorial vandals

President Trump appointed himself as the Man of Monuments – earlier this week, he personally circled pictures of suspects accused of destroying an Andrew Jackson statue in the country’s capital.

embers tweeted 15 brochures from the US Park Police Department requesting public help to identify people accused of falsifying the statue just outside the White House on Monday night.

The protesters painted the base of the monument with “killer” spray paint and tried to pull the statue down.

The statue was targeted for Jackson’s advocacy and role against the violent displacement of Native Americans.

The statue is among the few people in the United States and around the world who have been damaged or overthrown during civil unrest about the killing of George Floyd by the police.

Trump, who did not comment on the bulletins, described the monument as “magnificent” on Monday night.

“In addition to the exterior of St. John’s Church across the street, a large number of people were arrested in D.C. for the embarrassing vandalism of the magnificent Andrew Jackson Statue in Lafayette Park,” she tweeted.

The president published the flyers the day after signing an executive order aimed at destroying the protesters.

The ruling mandates heavy prison sentences and threatens “not to receive Federal support from State and local law enforcement agencies who cannot protect public monuments, monuments and sculptures from destruction or vandalism.”

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