NASA astronauts take second spacewalk for space station power upgrades

On Wednesday, the spacewalk began at 07:13 in the morning.

Both astronauts are veteran space walkers. According to NASA, this is the eighth attempt for both Cassidy and Behnken.

Behnken launched with NASA astronaut Doug Hurley from the United States and joined Cassidy at the space station on May 31. They were in SpaceX’s Crew Dragon during the Demo-2 mission.

These spacewalks are the culmination of a series of power upgrades that started in January 2017 to replace nickel-hydrogen batteries with new lithium-ion batteries.

This spacewalk, similar to what happened last Friday, will focus on replacing the batteries of one of the power channels in the remote starboard cage of the station. Since the astronauts completed some missions for this spacewalk last week, they will then focus on the planned tasks for spacewalkers, route power and ethernet cables, and will work on other preparations for future power system upgrades.

According to NASA, these cables will provide better images about future spacewalks.

But these power system upgrades are nothing like replacing the batteries in your remote. The weight of each new battery is 428 pounds.

For this second spacewalk, Cassidy will be a crew member I and will wear a space suit that shows red lines, while Behnken will be a crew member II in an unlined suit. Hurley and Russian cosmonaut Ivan Vagner will help Cassidy and Behnken wear space clothes. Hurley will use the station’s robot arm to support astronauts outside the station.

At the NASA press conference last year, International Space Station deputy director Kenneth Todd said that battery replacements, which will last 20 years, will put the station in a much better configuration in the long run.

Astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir successfully complete their first female spacewalk

Behnken recently discussed CNN Innovation and Space Reporter Rachel Crane’s call to space station and why it is important to replace batteries during a call to Rachel Crane’s space station.

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“When the space station is in the sun, it collects energy and needs to be stored when it is in the dark,” he said. “And so these batteries, as they are turned over and over again, wear out and need to be replaced. And periodic maintenance is required.”

Behnken said he expects another spacewalk experience.

“I really look forward to the views of the Earth when we take a free moment,” he said. “I think every astronaut went on their first spacewalk, focused on completing all activities and doing a good job, so that if the opportunity shows up, they could probably get another chance to do one more.

“But after making a couple and learning what to expect after passing, you know, it’s important to remember what it’s like to be taking some mental photos, some mental images, or being outside.”

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