Three outbreaks of equine influenza contamination detected in Tunisia

According to the General Directorate of Veterinary Services under Tunisia’s Ministry of Agriculture, three centers of equine influenza contamination have been discovered in Tunisia.

Two outbreaks were detected in the governor of Ariana under Greater Tunis, while the third case was discovered at the Manouba Governorate, general management veterinary services veterinarian Muhammad Ali Bannour said in a statement to the press.

He said the disease, which has so far infected 158 horses, is not contagious and cannot spread to humans, but it spreads quickly.

And to specify that horses are currently subjected to veterinary health control by veterinary surgeons under regional police stations for agricultural development, in order to control their health status and to reduce gravity They can be provided with the necessary vaccinations. ..

Symptoms of equine influenza are mainly characterized by high temperature, runny nose, cough and food shortages, he said, adding that the symptoms of the disease have similarities with other infectious diseases.

Bannour underscored the need to vaccinate healthy animals according to the vaccination protocols used, noting that vaccination is the most effective measure to protect animals, respecting biosafety processes in the barn, especially the mobility of animals About. Quarantine of animals and workers and stationary or establishment for a period of 21 days from the date of last illness.

Among other procedures, according to the expert, the separation of sick, suspicious or newly purchased animals from other animals at far off places, cleaning and disinfecting the barn, at places where there are infected horses, machinery and all equipment and equipment is probable. The products adopted by the departments have become infected after infection.

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