The world’s top vaccine maker says the UK will be the first to get the new Covid Jab

  • Video report by senior international reporter John Irwin

The CEO of the world’s top vaccine maker says he believes the UK will be among the first countries to receive the new country. Coronavirus Job

Ginger Punawala Serum Institute of India One billion doses of the Oxford-Astrageneca covid vaccine have been pledged after passing the necessary safety tests.

Speaking to ITV News, he said his firm is ready to spread the vaccine from the production line and enter the arms of the world after giving the necessary sign-ups.

“It will be the Indians who will get it first, from what I am making and to you AstraZeneca is going to make it for the UK,” he said.

“So if you’re talking from a global perspective, the UK will probably get it first. Then you’ll probably have a few other countries in Europe followed by what AstraZeneca has planned.

“And then you get India, as soon as we get our emergency use license we will give it to India and then start delivering it to African countries.”

  • India ready to produce 400 million vaccine doses by end-July, says vaccine CEO

The Oxford vaccine has the added benefit of being able to store at refrigerator temperatures and it costs less than its other competitors, making it an effective alternative for more disadvantaged parts of the world.

Mr Punawala said it could be a “vaccine for the world”.

“It protects the elderly which gives you a better T-cell response and there are zero hospitalizations for it.”

“It’s very affordable because we made it so that it got the added bonus And and so got five or six benefits and bonuses out of it and it’s so universal.

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“This will probably be a publicly used vaccine.”

Reasonable concerns have been raised about vaccine distribution in India, but Mr Punawala believes there is the necessary infrastructure to ensure that 400 million doses can be transported across the country by the end of July.

  • The world’s top vaccine producers play the role below

Mr Punawala said: “We rely heavily on government infrastructure, which is very much there.“And they are accustomed to administering five to 600 million doses of vaccine in any way on an annual basis.”He added: “We will give the ropes to other private players, whether hospitals or other cultural logistical organizations will be able to distribute and store these vaccines.” He said the initial plan was to produce 400 million doses by July 2021, which was “very simple”.

The 39-year-old CEO joined his father’s business in 2001. The Punawala family inherited land in Pune, India, but has been one of the world’s leading vaccine players since its inception in 196666.

A researcher at the Jenner Institute is working on a coronavirus vaccine at the University of Astragenica / Oxford. Submission John Cairns / Oxford University

The world has become so dependent on their vaccines that ITV News correspondent John Irwin has described Mr Punawal as “Henry Ford of the vaccine”.

“I can’t go that far,” Mr Punawala said.

“We just tried our best and I know that at the moment it’s all looking like it’s irresistible, and with everyone giving us encouragement, our encouragement and love and support I’m really humbled with it.

“I just hope that I can now deliver on all these big promises and deliver on them, you know, so I think that’s what we’re looking forward to in 2021, as you said, it’s a huge responsibility on my shoulders everyone else at the Serum Institute.” I really hope we can deliver on that expectation. “

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