“The USA is not going in the right direction,” says Fauci

Al Drago / AFP / Getty Images / FILE
Al Drago / AFP / Getty Images / FILE

The US coronavirus pandemic is not given a positive direction, but the director of the national Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr.. Anthony Fauci is able to balance the longing to reopen with measures that can help slow the spread of the coronavirus. An interview with JAMA on Thursday.

“It is clear that we are not moving in the right direction.” Said.

Wednesday, 50.000 new infections Reported in the U.S. and at least 23 U.S. states stopped or undo reopening plans.

Fauci said that this is not the case to support reopening or to support public health measures. “Either you are locked up or just what you are going to say … there is a feeling that it is all or nothing … the devil cares and just let it all go,” he said.

“As a means of opening the country safely, it is prudently using public health measures,” Fauci said. Said. “It’s not public health against opening.”

Guidance is about entering a holiday weekend amidst new evidence that the virus has mutated. more contagious.

“A certain mutation seems to make the virus more contagious,” Fauci said. Research published On Thursday, he suggests that the mutation did not make people more ill.

Fauci said pool testing, a strategy that tests multiple samples simultaneously, could be a useful surveillance tool. It is especially useful when there are not many cases of viruses in a community.

“If you have a situation where you have very low penetration but want to make sure it’s low, pool testing is much better than performing individual testing in the community,” he said. “It saves resources. It saves time. It saves equipment and money. “

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Fauci said that pool tests, along with intermittent screening, can be useful when universities are reopening in autumn.

For primary schools, he suggested making decisions based on viral activity in specific areas. “As part of a prudent assessment of child safety and its impact on society, we should make as much effort as possible to bring children back to school,” he said.

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