Biden poll: Reached a milestone that former Vice President Hillary Clinton never did: 50% majority support

Indeed, if live interview surveys Launched since last Sunday, Biden manages to hold 50% (51%). So there is the majority for now. This is an important milestone not to be understood.
As I mentioned in the past, Trump’s comeback in 2016 has become quite easy, with Democrat Hillary Clinton not making nearly 50% polling. average live interview survey There were only 42% of Clinton (when Liberter Gary Johnson was included) taken in June 2016. None of these surveys even touched 50%. In fact, he never approached the surveys for the rest of the campaign.

When Trump closed the gap in the waning days of the 2016 campaign, he had to persuade very few Clinton fans to vote for him. Trump only had to get support from those who were unstable or supported a third-party candidate.

If Trump’s path right now does not take back voters with Biden, it will be difficult if not impossible to win.

Other historical examples are also not very kind to Trump. At this point, the only rival that was around 50% or hung in the air was Jimmy Carter in 1976.

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Harry Truman is one of the presidents I frequently point to Trump as a beacon of hope. In the second period proposal that comes back to win, the only duty that remains out of error at this point is the president. Moreover, Truman, net negative approval rating (confirm – reject) at this point in the campaign, return under -5 points and win.

Here’s the problem for Trump: The average survey at this point was Truman’s Republican rival Thomas Dewey, who was 46%. Biden’s advantage over Trump in these surveys is that although Dewey is less than 2 points compared to Truman (just south of 9 points), Biden gains about 5 points more support than voters. Dewey did not dedicate the voters to him, as Biden did at this point.

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Indeed, Trump’s need to convince those who are not already in the other camp is reflected in another way. The degree of disapproval in the average survey is 54%. At the point of the polling period, no other president at this point gave such a high approval before the chance to win a second term. Truman’s was 47%, since his approval rating fell 39%. However, there were at least the majority of Americans who did not approve of it.

Trump proved that it can challenge history in 2016. If he is going to win a second period in 2020, Trump will have to earn some.

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