The true story behind Hugh Hudson’s Oscar-winning film

Olympics of 1924. Despite anti-Semitic comments and numerous criticisms, the athlete has only one goal in mind: a spot on the podium. In the 4×100 meter relay event, the British team will come in second place and therefore win the silver medal. But Harold Abraham dreams of a solo feat, especially after finishing sixth in the 200-meter run. This opportunity, he has known since the retirement of Eric Liddell, is 100 meters. He made this entry into history on July 6, 1924: during the 100-meter run, Harold Abraham won the race in 10.6 seconds. He thus beats up two americans Jackson Scholz, Gold medal in 1920, and Charlie paddock, The world record holder, and became the first European to win in a sprint at the Olympic Games.

If Eric Liddell looks closely at the feat of his compatriot, he has a lot to prove even after many criticisms. On 11 July 1924, the Scottish athlete started the 400m in the outer lane after winning a bronze medal in the 200m event. In 47.6 seconds, Eric Liddell won the race and set an Olympic record, which he would maintain for 12 years.

Two men, two gold medals and a willingness to stand up for what they believe in. In Paris in July 1924, neither anti-Semitism nor critics would have overcome the ambitions of these two athletes. Internally their fortunes, compatriots but competitors, allies but adversaries, Harold Abraham and Eric Liddell have made history far beyond the game. A relationship brought to the cinema in 1981 chariots of Fire Through this Hugh hudson. Based on the biography of Harold Abraham, the film will be a real hit with audiences and critics. The feature film won four awards at the Oscars in 1982, including Best Film and Best Original Screenplay. This cult film will also produce an original soundtrack that has become famous all over the world. Vangelis.

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