The New York Times changed the headline after the Democrats’ pressure

Democrats, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have released the New York Times regarding President Trump’s statement that the US army may be deployed to suppress the riots due to George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis. In response to the pressure, the New York Times changed the cuff.

The president threatened to call the country’s armed forces to use the 1807 law to use the country’s armed forces, unless the nation’s governors sometimes take strong steps to control rallies that turn into violence and are attacked by loot, arson and police.

A few minutes after their testimony, the protesters were cleared from St. John’s Episcopal Church, and the president and top management officials marched from Lafayette Park to the historical place of worship.

Uprising Times print editor Tom Jolly, tweeted a preview of the newspaper’s headline came across all six columns.

“As Chaos Spreads, Trump Now Promised to Finish,” said the headline.

“You must be kidding me,” Ocasio-Cortez Replied on Twitter.

“New York Times headline writers will kill the country on both sides” Joyful. Posted by Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii).

Former Housing and Urban Development secretary and one-time candidate for Democratic 2020 Julian Castro compared print and online print titles.

“The president acts like a budding dictator. Title failed, @nytimes, ” Castro tweeted.

He praised the online version of the police saying, “Clean the Protesters With Tear Gas So That Trump Can Expose By The Church.”

“Look, your online team understands,” he said.

Ben Rhodes, advisor to former President Barack Obama, questioned the reality of Times.

“If the New York Times thinks this accurately describes what’s happening today, I don’t know in which country they live – they just have to let Trump write their headlines,” said.

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The title was: changed for late edition to: “Trump Threatens Troops to Send to the State.”

The newspaper took a similar temperature last summer and changed a title on Trump’s comments after filming in El Paso, Dayton, Ohio and Texas.

The first edition of the title “Trump Calls Racism Against Unity” was changed to “Hate Attack But Not Weapon” after an attack.

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