Oluwatoyin Salau: Black Lives Matter activist found dead

Tallahassee police, along with 75-year-old Victoria Sims, found the corpses of Oluwatoyin “Toyin” Salau on Saturday. Their deaths are being investigated as murder.

Tweets said that Salau left some of his belongings in a church where he was looking for shelter and left a man who offered him a trip to remember the items while trying to sleep.

It is unclear whether Glee was the same man Salau reported to harass him. The CNN reached the Tallahassee Police to confirm Salau’s sexual assault statement and is waiting to hear it.

The Sims has long been AARP volunteers. His family refused to comment on his death.

19 year old activist and friend

She was Carney’s friend before high school, Salau said. The 19-year-old taught himself to sew, paint and design his own clothes.

“He had a lot of dreams and never gave up,” Carney said. But he also endured a great deal of pain; Carney described him as a sad person with “the happiest soul”.

And he was always the vocal supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“When he started protesting with us, it was the happiest thing I ever saw,” Carney said.

Salau Images speak in a protest Tony McDade, a trans man who was killed by Tallahassee police last month, has traveled rapidly in his honor since his death. In the clip, he says he doesn’t want to divide people, but combines them with police brutality against black Americans.
His friends said Toyin Salau was a dedicated activist and a self-taught artist.

“At the end of the day, I can’t remove my skin color,” says Salau in the clip. “Wherever I go, I have been profiled about whether I like it … So what happened? I’ll die by him. My skin is my skin. You can’t take my darkness off me.”

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Her passion made her love Alina Amador, a photographer who often hired to model Salau.

“Her beauty was very bright and modeling was very effortless for her,” he said. “He was very calm and kind.”

Carney said his friend’s death motivated him to fight for black women like Toyin.

“I will never quit the protests,” Carney said. “I will fight for him, black people, and colorful people until I die.”

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