The European Union studied entry permits for vaccinated travelers

The European Commission on Monday proposed that travelers from third countries be allowed entry into the European Union who have received the required dose of anti-Kovid vaccines authorized at the European level.

“The Commission proposes (for Member States) to allow entry into the European Union for non-essential reasons, not only for those coming from countries with a good epidemiological status, but also for those who have Has received the last recommended dose of ‘vaccine’ is authorized in the European Union, ‘the commission says. Travelers should have received the vaccine at least 14 days before arrival. Member states may extend this authority to those , Who have received the vaccine affected by the emergency authority from the WHO. However, the event provides a mechanism for early arrival that worsens the epidemiological situation of a country, especially due to a variant. The proposal should now be presented to the member states. The 27 ambassadors are to consider it on Wednesday.

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The European Union is preparing to establish a European Health Certificate, which it intends to commission before the end of June. By then, member states should be able to accept certificates issued by countries outside the European Union. As a reminder, the union discontinued its non-essential travel to “non-essential” travel in March 2020 and established the shortlist from June, regularly revised, to third countries whose residents are in the union Can enter. Since late January, the countries included in this list are Australia, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand (and China are subject to reciprocity). The Commission has proposed to expand this list, citing the rate of increase beyond 14 days, to be increased from 25 to 100 (per 100,000 inhabitants), which is currently below 420 in the EU from the average of 420. is more.

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