The controversial Fawlty Towers episode can be seen again

Controversial Fawlty Towerscase German UKTV has a return on streaming services anyway. In this episode we see Basil Faulty, played by John Claesse, who wants to entice German hotel guests and their employees, they cannot resist bringing World War II again and again. The removal of this episode sparked anger between fans and actor John Classey.

UKTV, which is owned by the BBC, has nevertheless decided to put the episode back online. “We already put a warning on other classic comedy titles”, the statement sounds. “We will add additional guidelines and warnings on the episode’s play to indicate any offensive content and language. When there is, we will.” Fawlty TowersEpisode online back. It is expected to return within a few days. ”

The BBC streaming service promises to better evaluate their content and add new guidelines and warnings to more headlines. this is due to Fawlty TowersThe episode was discontinued which concerns the racist language used against the West Indies cricket team. In addition, Tulsi is being treated by a black doctor at the hospital, who affects her. not only Fawlty Towers Was removed, too Little britain Observed episodes have disappeared due to sensitive content.

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