SUNY Chancellor Johnson to resign in outbreak, budget troubles

SUNY Chancellor Johnson to resign in outbreak, budget troubles

Sources The Post said on Tuesday that New York State University Chancellor Kristina Johnson resigned at the helm just three years later to get the best job at Ohio State University.

Sources are expected to become official on Wednesday, the resignation of the $ 560,000 director of 64 sprawling college systems.

Sources are expected to fill state budget manager Robert Megna as Andrew Cuomo’s temporary SUNY chancellor. He is still the chief operating officer of SUNY.

While SUNY is dealing with coronavirus pandemic and expected budget cuts, its separation comes at a critical time. Students living on campus were sent home this spring and went to remote classes and exams to cover the virus – and it’s unclear whether students will return to campus for classes in the fall.

Johnson was hired in 2017 with great admiration. He is an engineer, inventor and former US Department of Energy official under Obama.

His tenure was not without controversy.

He was criticized at the academy when it turned out that two Fortune 500 companies collected six-figure wages from sitting on their boards and increased his compensation by more than $ 1 million.

Johnson also frowned when SUNY threw the “opening” chancellor party at the Fashion Institute of Technology with a scholarship fundraising dinner in his honor at the New York Public Library in 2018. SUNY said that public money was not used for the gala.

SUNY spokesman refused to confirm that Johnson had left.

A higher education official called the timing of his resignation “quite strange”.

“It looks strange. It looks like cut and run,” said the source, highlighting SUNY’s difficulties during the ongoing COVID crisis.

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