Miami mayor hopeful closing beaches to slow down new coronavirus cases

Miami mayor said he expects to reopen on Sunday and new security measures are preventing the growth of coronavirus cases occurring in the city.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez “It is clear that growth is exponential at this point” “This Week” of ABC said. “You know that we have broken the record after the record for the past few weeks.”

Accepting Miami-Dade County’s decision to close the beaches for the four July holiday weekend, Suarez blamed the increase in cases related to the reopening of bars and restaurants.

“When we turn it on again, there is no doubt that people are starting to socialize as if there are no viruses,” he said. “Very worrying.”

The republican mayor said he was optimistic that closing the beaches, enforcing stricter masks and enforcing walking penalties against jobs that do not comply with security restrictions would prevent situations.

“If people are wearing masks to the public, we have a very high chance to slow or stop spreading. That is why we do this. ”

After reporting 11,458 cases on Saturday, Florida reported 10,059 cases on Sunday – Sunshine State currently has a total of 200,111 cases.

Meanwhile, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said he was concerned about running out of hospital beds on Sunday.

“If we don’t get our hands around this virus quickly, our hospitals may have a serious, serious problem,” said CBS News. “Face the nation.” “The main problem is the staff … we can always provide additional beds, but we need people in the medical profession, nurses and everyone else to get the staff of these beds.”

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Texas reported 8,238 new cases on Saturday – bringing the state’s total litigation to 191,790. Hospitalizations in Houston increased from 1,691 patients on 27 June to 2,369 a week later on 4 July, According to Antonio Express News.

Texas Gov.George Abbott issued an executive order last week, requiring people to wear a ring mask in some districts and indoor bars and reducing the seating capacity of restaurants.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler reiterated his concerns that the hospitals in Turner’s city would be flooded.

“If we don’t change the trajectory, I will be within two weeks of our hospitals overfilling. And I can be 10 days away from this in intensive care units, ”he said. “State of the Union” by CNN.

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