Sloven Bilik will step down as West Brom boss despite a draw in Man City with Sam Allardyce to take charge of the Premier League struggles.

Sloven Bilik will be sacked as West Brom manager.

TalkSport realized that the Badges would announce his departure on Wednesday, announcing his departure along with Sam Allardyce, one of the top contenders to make him a success at the Hawthorne Hotseat.

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Bilik took charge of West Brom against Man City on Tuesday night but this is going to be his last game

West Brom started the fight against Manchester City on Tuesday night and drew 1-1 with Pep Guardiola at the Etihad Stadium.

But before the match with the club, Bilik’s fortunes were sealed and the club decided that a managerial change was needed to give them the best chance of surviving the Premier League.

Bilik, 52, signed Darren Moore on a two-year deal last summer and promoted the club to its first season.

However, West Brom have won just one of their 13 top-flight games in the position and have two defensive points left.

West Brom are understood to have spent time on Tuesday looking for potential managers to replace the Croatians – and survival expert Allardyce is firmly on their radar.

Nigel Pearson and Mark Hughes are also under consideration, but Allardyce is their number one target.

Watching Allardyce return to the dugout

The gate

Allardyce is looking to return to the dugout

Following a six-month spell at Mercedes, Big Sam has been ruled out of the game since leaving Everton in the summer of 2018.

He has played great for Bolton, Blackburn, Crystal Palace, Newcastle, Sunderland and West Ham, as well as Everton in the Premier League, and has never missed a top-flight.

West Brom move after Bilik’s departure was confirmed on Wednesday. The year-old could not form a vision for the man but West Brom are ready to move on.

The former West Ham and Croatia manager will be saddened to lose his job by leading the Midlands back to the Premier League.

He will be the Premier League’s first managerial accident this season.

Asked about his future speculation after the draw with Man City, Bilik replied: “I’m very calm. I like my work. I’m here and calm

“I am not bothered to say fair. I’m doing my job I’m enjoying it. I’m working hard for myself, for my staff, for the players, for the club, for all of this.

“Everything else is out of my control. But to be honest, I’m doing my best. I don’t think about other things.

“I’m not really worried about what’s going on behind the scenes. I don’t care.”

Bilik is leaving West Brom after 18 months

The gate

Bilik is leaving West Brom after 18 months

Asked if West Brom were still playing for him, Bilik said: “I don’t like that clich.

“The players are playing themselves but they are listening to our game plan and it would be nice to see your players fight like this.

“We have maintained this kind of atmosphere, this working environment throughout the season and it has not diminished.

“Sometimes you win games, sometimes you lose them, sometimes you play better and sometimes worse, but we never had a problem with our attitude.”

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Speaking early Tuesday, TalkSport host Simon Jordan described the pressure on Bilick as unfair, due to the lack of organization he had.

“I don’t get the idea from Slaven Bilik that his players aren’t responding to him, he’s just got a certain amount of equipment,” Jordan said.

“I don’t think West Brom have a bad side. They looked good at Man United, they were brave and ambitious.

“I think it’s a bit harsh. Bilik was immediately fired because of what happened in West Ham.

“West Brom have the same thing and I don’t think it’s fair.

“They will probably stay there with the investment and the games they had.”

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