Skywatchers Draconid meteor shower ready

Skywatchers Draconid meteor shower ready

Draconid meteor shower over Russia in 2018Image copyright
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Draconid meteor shower over Russia in 2018

October is going to be the bumper month for finding shooting stars in the night sky.

The Draconid meteor shower is set to reach its peak on Wednesday evening.

It is estimated that about five shoots per hour they should be visible overhead; The event will be visible in the UK skies.

Meteor showers are usually associated with comets; These balls and dust orbit the sun, it reveals clouds of dust and ice.

Fountains of light or shooting stars can be seen when the earth passes through streams of tiny debris.

If you miss the Draconids, there is a chance to see other meteor showers after the next month.

What are Draconides?

The shooting stars are named after the Dragon constellation.

These are generated when the Earth passes through the Giakobini-Jin comet.

How to see Draconid meteor shower

Draconides 6/7 and 7/8 October are expected to be the most spectacular.

Most other meteor showers are very well seen at first, Draconids are seen in the evening, after nightfall.

Find a place with a good, clear view of the stars, ideally in a place with little light pollution.

What else is the behavior for the Stargazers?

The Orionid meteor shower is slowly reaching its peak, which occurs on the night of October 20/21 this year.

Orionids are named because they appear to have come from the direction of the constellation Orion. They are associated with the famous Halley’s Comet.

Also, there is the Taurid meteor shower, which seems to have originated near the Taurus constellation. It will surpass 9-10 October and 10-11 November in 2020.

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