Scientist speculates possibility of mutation of coronovirus, fatal to mankind: Society: Russia:

Subsequent mutations of coronovirus can cause more severe consequences for infected people, but such strains are not currently identified. It was announced to RIA Novosti by Georgie Bostkin, head of the molecular development field at IITP RAS, Scholtech Professor.

Throughout history, he said, both have been relatively safe infections, such as rhinoviruses, and deadly viruses, such as smallpox. At the same time, pathogens spread through human populations for thousands of years, and over time they did not change their infectious and lethal properties.

In this regard, Bazkin emphasized that when mutated, the virus does not necessarily become more dangerous or safe for humans. However, a risk of coronovirus that will increase the severity of the disease will not be ruled out.

He stated that natural selection is important for the virus, resulting in new versions that enhance its ability to spread.

Earlier, Bazkin recalled that the more epidemics that spread, the more variants of the COVID-19 mutation. In this regard, vaccination of citizens is the only way to prevent virus mutations. However, anti-infection drugs are likely to be effective despite pathogen variability.

According to the latest data, every fiftyth person has been infected with coronovirus in Russia and every hundredth in the world. 27,250 new infections were detected in the country on the previous day. In total, 2,933,753 people were diagnosed with COVID-19.

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