Rugby Union: Toulouse knows the rules for the 2021 season

For the postponed matches, moved to England or even canceled … The Board of Directors of the English Federation (RFL) has taken various measures so that the 2021 championship season can be planned, health conditions and constraints in spite of. . As long as the UK quarantine rules apply, requiring those returning from a stay in France to self-segregate for at least 5 days (1), championship teams that do not rely on 100% professional staff , They would not have to travel to Toulouse to face the Olympians.

This means that the TOE thirteenth home match against Featherstone Rovers and the Widnes Vikings on May 1 and 8, respectively, is a good chance to carry on FAW weekends (rule separation must take place by at least May 17). Belongs to However, the first home game of the season, against the London Broncos on Saturday 17 April, will actually take place at Ernest-Wallan Stadium, as the London workforce is entirely professional.

70% rule

To be able to compete in the play-offs after deciding that clubs had played 70% of the league matches (16 out of 22) and finished in the top 6, the English Federation announced that the T.O. matches. Can not be due to travel rules, will not negatively affect the two teams related to this “70%”. Conversely, if a match cannot be played or postponed, the TO must play at least 15 matches (out of 21) to be eligible for the final.

The ranking is also adjusted based on the winning percentage, regardless of how many matches the team has played, to be relevant.

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In making this decision, the council noted that under French government rules that Toulouse players undergo a period of seven days of separation after each visit to the UK, scheduling other matches was not appropriate. To return to the first game against London, Toulouse will have to fund PCR tests for the Broncos team, which will allow the London club to reduce the required quarantine period from ten days to five days following their match in France.

(1) When the Toulsons go to play in England, they will benefit from a dispense from the quarantine thanks to a health bubble with a return trip during the day.

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