Ronaldo is frustrated and is blocking the Alonso test of F1 rivals

Race drivers in mule cars running the Abu Dhabi test were thought to feature sampling of new 18-inch tires.

However, after the changes to the technical controls were postponed to 2022, the test was changed to a rookie format, and adjusted to the 2020 Sports Rules.

The rules specify the format of the test as follows: “The only option is the one-day test, to give young drivers the opportunity to test the current Formula 1 car. The last event of the championship was run off the circuit. Two cars can be used at the same time. ”

Eligible drivers for the test must be in possession of an international A license; And had not participated in two more F1 World Championship races during their careers unless otherwise approved by the FIA. “

Ronaldo hoped the next provision would be used to allow Alonso to take part, and the issue was raised at an F1 commission meeting last Monday.

Several teams, however, voiced their opposition to the idea that Malone, Ferrari and Racing Points could be among them.

The rules allow teams to run additional tests for drivers who have not been in receipt for two years – but this only applies to mid-season replacements for regular race drivers, to give the reserve some extra mileage.

Abitebul has indicated that he still hopes the FIA ​​will approve Alonso’s participation.

“It was a normal thing to try to play any small game possible,” he told “But most teams are more practical. We just need to hope that the FIA ​​will. Renault does a lot for young drivers. ”

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Alonso has been allowed to test a two-year-old car without any restrictions and will do so in Bahrain next week.

McLaren boss Andreas Siddle confirmed that McLaren was opposed in principle to the young driver’s test against him, although he would not elaborate on what happened at last week’s meeting.

“I can’t talk about what was discussed in the F1 commission,” he told “Because it says in big letters at the bottom of the agenda that it is confidential.

“I can only talk about how I see the young driver test in Abu Dhabi. It is clear that we all voted in favor of a policy change when the epidemic began at the beginning of the year, which ended with these tests apparently being defined in sports regulations with the sole purpose of testing young drivers.

“I think the rules say it can’t be a driver who has done a maximum of two Grand Prixes. And then it gives the FIA ​​the opportunity to make exceptions there on their own or sole discretion.

“But again, this does not change the overall sole purpose of this test, which is a young driver test. So I don’t think there’s really much to discuss.

“Fernando is a great F1 race driver with a great record of success. And I don’t really see how he fits a young driver’s sole purpose.

“On the other hand, if he is defined as a young driver, to be honest, I think that would be a great message for all of us, because I also consider myself a member of a young F1 team, which makes me feel good! At the same time it is not justifiable that this test will go further.

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Both McLaren and Racing Point have indicated to that they will not take part in the Abu Dhabi test because they do not have young drivers to drive.

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