Retired Navy captain apologizes after live stream racial slurs

Retired Navy captain apologizes after live stream racial slurs

According to a report, a retired US Navy captain resigned from the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association after racial bitches were heard during a conversation with his wife that he was accidentally streaming on Facebook.

Scott Bethmann and his wife Nancy were discussing the Black Lives Matter movement while watching TV when the couple started using derogatory language, and Bethmann mentioned the word N, News4Jax reported.

He and his wife discuss how some big firms publish statements condemning racism, according to the news outlet that received a copy of the recording.

“We support it. We support it. Every company has expressed its words,” says News4Jax. “I received an email on how we support and we need to solve this problem. F— you.”

He also says: “White m —- f —- cannot say anything. That’s the point we’re talking about here, Nancy. “
Bethmann’s wife says: “F—– Asians who love to steal all our intellectual property from China”.

The 30-minute video becomes apparent when Bethmann starts reading comments on her phone.

“I somehow clicked on a live event,” he says. “What are they talking about?”

Bethmann’s Facebook page was removed on Saturday.

A family spokesperson said: “My wife and I have no words to properly express how mortgage and apologetic about the insensitive things we caught on social media.

“There is never a time when it is appropriate to use derogatory terms when talking about our friend. I know that an apology from us is ringing in many ears in our society, especially in the current environment, ”continues Bethmann.

“We aim to use this experience as an opportunity to grow, listen, learn and reflect. We are very sorry for the effects of our actions on the Naval Academy, my soldiers and women, our former colleagues, our friends, our family and the community as a whole. “

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The Jacksonville division of the Naval Academy Alumni Association confirmed that Bethmann, who served as department treasurer and national trustee, resigned.

“The quality of these comments is not consistent with our volunteer leadership mission in the Jacksonville Division of the United States Naval Academy Alumni Association, the National Alumni Association, and does not represent the leadership values ​​of the Naval Academy or the US Navy” alumni association said in a Facebook post.

“Inspector, Deputy Director Sean S Buck, honor, courage and commitment, and to repeat the mission of the US Naval Academy. Discrimination cannot be tolerated anywhere in any of these values. ”

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