Cuomo must accept error in COVID-19 nursing home

Governor Andrew Cuomo is shot by some friendly fire from his predecessor, former Governor David Paterson, for the state’s staggering nursing home death during the coronavirus pandemic.

Paterson said he must admit that Cuomo made a mistake with his order that led the care homes on March 25 to take back or accept COVID-19 patients who were discharged from hospitals.

“I think some of the people were sent back to nursing homes with viruses – and the nursing homes were not equipped to quarantine them from anyone else – and I think they had some hard consequences,” Paterson said in 970. With market host Frank Morano.

“The governor was trying to do the right thing. It’s something you learned in life, but we never allow our elected officials to participate, you won’t be able to do everything right. ”

When questions and criticisms about the nursing home arrangement first appeared, “ [Cuomo] He seemed to blame nursing homes – but he gave the order, ”he said.

Paterson praised Cuomo as “great manager” and described his overall performance during the pandemic as “superior”, but added, “Get up and say when something goes wrong in the meantime.”

David Paterson
David Paterson

Paterson recalled as the governor who promised to send materials to Haiti after a hurricane. But months later, the goods were discovered when they sat in a Bronx warehouse – and apologized for that.

“I suggest more elected officials to try it – sacrifice from the compassion that is invited,” he said.

Paterson served as head of the state Democratic Party elected by Cuomo.

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It is estimated that residents living in 6,200 nursing homes died or died from the coronavirus in New York state.

During the epidemic, Cuomo advocated care home policies and said, “We have done everything we can.”

He also moved the crime somewhere else.

He said that nursing homes “legally” and “ethically” mandatory that they have to transfer COVID-19 patients to another place if they cannot provide adequate care; however, alternatives such as private hospitals at the nursing home operators Javits Center and USNS Comfort were out of the ship.

Attorney General Letitia James and the State Department of Health have directed the nursing homes to investigate which ones comply with or violate the COVID infection control rules.

However, Cuomo’s repression on May 10 reversed the controversial 25 March nursing home order, saying that hospital patients should test negative for the coronavirus before being sent to nursing homes.

He also ordered regular care workers to be tested to include the virus.

At some point, Cuomo tried to blame President Trump and claimed that he was just following the CDC. [Centers for Disease Control] “Do not criticize the state for following the president’s policies.”

The Trump administration objected to the governor’s view, saying that Cuomo should receive an “Oscar” to divert responsibility for deaths in the nursing home.

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