Resignation of the head of diplomacy

Peru’s Foreign Minister Elizabeth Este announced her resignation on Sunday after admitting the “grave mistake” of vaccination against Kovid-19 in January before the priority population.

“I submitted my letter of resignation to the President of the Republic as Foreign Minister”, he wrote on Twitter.

His resignation was immediately accepted by Interim President Francisco Sagasti.

He is the second minister in the Peruvian government after health to resign in the context of the scandal.

The scandal surfaced on Thursday after a Peruvian revelation that former President Martin Vizcarra (2018-2020) was vaccinated against Kovid-19 in October, weeks before he was dismissed by parliament.

The former head of state, who is dying for a parliamentary seat in the April 11 election, defended himself by saying that he, like thousands of others, voluntarily contributed to the cyanoform vaccine clinical trial. What the university in charge of testing denied.

The revelations created an uproar, prompting Health Minister Pilar Malzetti to resign on Friday.

Unlike other countries, whose presidents, ministers, or officials have been vaccinated to set an example, in Peru, the criticism is aimed at members of the government who received the vaccine before the campaign’s launch and in all vaccinations. Official vaccination

The first vaccination began in Peru on Tuesday and is currently reserved for health workers.

According to the latest figures released on Saturday, Peru has recorded 43,491 deaths in 1.22 million confirmed cases from Kovid-19.

The Peru hospital’s arrangement is saturated with 14,222 hospitalized Kovid-19 patients and a lack of oxygen for medical use, forcing hundreds of Peruvian people to queue to get it for a sick loved one.

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