Pharaoh paraded in Cairo this Saturday

(Agnes Ecofin) – Egypt’s tourism, beset by political instability after the 2011 revolution, then by the coronovirus epidemic, wants to regain color. after a Reached peak revenue of $ 12.5 billion in 2018-2019Is income Fell more than 69% last year, Amounting to some 4 billion.

22 mummies (18 kings and 04 queens) of pharaohs from Egypt will perform an unprecedented parade in Cairo this Saturday as part of a transfer between the capital’s museum and Egypt’s new National Museum (NMEC).

The operation, to be led by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, will be broadcast on national television and via streaming, especially on official accounts. Unveiled a teaser on the subject few days back.

In chronological order Séqénenrê Taâ, Ramses II, or even the famous Pharaoh Hatshepsut, among others, will each be boarded on a golden chariot in the pharaonic style, all displayed in optimal conditions of high police surveillance and protection and care it happens. The officials said.

Revive tourism

If this golden parade, filmed by more than 400 cameras around the world, should make it “possible”Present another way“Samrat, the event is also the culmination of an attraction drive launched by Cairo to bring tourists back to the country.

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