Out of 10 Africans, 9 Moroccans vaccinated on the continent

In Africa, Morocco stands with the Seychelles, according to Bloomberg data, with its vaccination campaign.

While many African countries have not yet begun their vaccination campaign, thus widening this gap and once again questioning fairness in the process of fighting against coronoviruses, Morocco, for its part, is on top of Africa And already has more than 3 million inhabitants.

As of 24 February, Morocco had vaccinated 8.0% of its population, making it the 13th country in the world in terms of vaccination rates – except for very small countries.

In addition to the Seychelles, which vaccinated 71.8% of its 98,000 inhabitants, Morocco has the highest vaccination rate in Africa, ahead of Mauritius (0.3%) and Algeria (0.2%). All other African states have vaccinated less than 0.1% of their total population.

In the Middle East and North Africa, Morocco is behind only Israel (90.2%), United Arab Emirates (58.3%), Bahrain (16.8%) and Turkey (9.0%).

Morocco drove out a number of wealthy populous states, including Monaco (6.1%), Luxembourg (5.3%) and Qatar (4.9%).

The North African country is also ahead of many developed countries such as Switzerland (7.8%), Norway (7.4%), Spain (7.0%), Germany (6.6%) and France (5.9%).

The pace of Morocco’s coronavirus vaccination campaign is expected to grow even faster in the coming weeks, as the Ministry of Health aims to reach 500,000 new vaccinations every day.

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