Oklahoma Trooper lightning struck co-driver

Talk about a close call.

A highway soldier in Oklahoma last missed last week and helped when a driver struck a nearby lightning bolt.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Said on facebook The incident took place on Thursday between Bristow and Stroud, southwest of Tulsa, along Turner Turnpike / Interstate 44.

According to a short statement, the soldier pulled “to help some equipment falling from the trailer” when the bolt hit the highway.

The Dashcam video shows the moment when lightning strikes near the highway as the officer walks nearby.

“Wow! It was close! ”Said the motorway patrol.

The officer was not seen to have been injured.

Last year, in 2001, there were only 21 deaths from an average of 55 deaths per year due to lightning strikes.

A lightning safety expert, John Jensenius, with the National Lightning Safety Council (NLSC), told Fox News last month that there were some serious misconceptions regarding lightning safety.

Total number of lightning deaths from 2010 to 2020
Total number of lightning deaths from 2010 to 2020 National Lightning Safety Council

Jensenius said he found that despite the fact that people hit the longest object in the area, he believes that lightning is still drawn to metal. People believed that having jewelery or metal in their pockets would make them more susceptible to being hit in some way.

“The fact that they’re just out,” he said.

Another legend is that the tire protects one from lightning, because being in a vehicle during a storm is safer than outside. However, according to Jensenius, this is because a hard metal tool and its metal shell can distribute the electric charge if hit.

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People are misjudging their distance from upcoming storms, thinking that the rise of lightning may be much further away than it really is.

“As soon as they hear a distant thunder they are in danger,” he said.

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