Officials say at least 2 dead and 4 injured while shooting at the Walmart distribution center in California

The shot took place around 15:00. PT Saturday, Red Bluff City Manager Rick Crabtree told CNN over the phone.

Crabtree declared that a car hit the distribution center. ‘Fire didn’t matter,’ Crabtree said.

An unidentified man was shot at the scene and taken to the hospital. It is unclear whether law enforcement officers shot the suspect.

“There was an active shooter, he was shot, I heard you went to the last hospital,” Crabtree said.

Hendrickson is part of Dignity Health, St. Elizabeth’s Red. He said that Elizabeth Community Hospital received a total of six patients from the Walmart Distribution Center.

On June 27, 2020, a man was shot at Red Bluff, Walmart distribution center, California.

Hendrickson, two are dead and four are fair. He was unable to provide information about the injuries or ages of people brought to the hospital.

Dispatchers received multiple calls stating that he was an active shooter from the distribution center, and Tehama County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Yvette Borden spoke to CNN on Saturday night.

A Walmart spokesperson tells CNN they are aware of the situation.

“We are aware of the situation and are working with law enforcement to investigate. We don’t have any further information to share right now,” Walmart spokesman Scott Pope told CNN.

Borden said the scene is still very active and law enforcement officials are working to clean the building. ‘The building is huge,’ Borden said. Police departments said that they had completed the initial screening of the building, looking for the shooter and the potential victims.

This is a developing story.

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