Dangerous parking forces Loch Lomond road closure as visitors flock to beauty spot

Dangerous parking forces Loch Lomond road closure as visitors flock to beauty spot

Police have been forced to lock down a busy Loch Lomond road after scores of visitors parked dangerously at the beauty spot.

The A821 at Duke’s Pass was closed this afternoon as angry locals called for vehicles to be ticketed or uplifted.

The closure came as Scots flocked to the area in their droves amid the continued easing of lockdown, with visitors being urged to avoid the area.

The route leads to popular climbing spot Ben A’an.

Dangerous parking led to the closure

Police Scotland said officers were managing traffic and urged drivers not to put others at risk.

A statement said: “We can confirm that the A821 at Duke’s Pass has been closed due to the volume of traffic in the area.

“A number of vehicles have been parked at the roadside, making it difficult to pass safely.

“Drivers are urged to avoid the area at the present time.

Litter has become a problem in recent weeks as visitors flock to the area

“All drivers are urged to park considerately and safely at all times, ensuring that their vehicle does not cause an obstruction when left unattended or put other road users at risk.

“Police may require to uplift vehicles that are left in a dangerous position causing a risk to other road users.

“We recognise that people have made significant sacrifices recently but we would ask people to use their judgement and avoid places which are busy to prevent beauty spots such as this from becoming over-crowded.”

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The closure prompted angry reaction on social media.

One local, Gene Maxwell, sent pictures of the offending vehicles to Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford – who has raised the issue of litter and damage at the national park with the First Minister this week.

Mr Maxwell tweeted : “30 bags of rubbish collected by our community litter pick, road closed after hundreds turned up trying to walk on Ben A’an, Police threatening to tow dangerously parked cars away. Fun times in the Trossachs.”

Rubbish collected by locals yesterday

Another local reacted to the road closure on Facebook, saying: ” Why are they not being ticketed or lifted this has been an on going issue the last few weeks.

“As someone who works and travels that road fairly regularly it’s a disgrace having to dodge all the ILLEGALLY parked vehicles. More needs done to implement consequences for their irresponsible behaviour.”

A third said the scenes were “hellish”.

He said: “No common sense. Big hefty fines needed.”

Police warned that vehicles could be uplifted

Another added: “Clamp them. They won‘t do it again. Simples.”

Traffic Scotland also issued a warning for the area, saying car parks at Rowardennan and Balmaha were full along with the car park at Ben Venue on the Duke’s Pass.

It said: “Car park over-spill means narrow roads and restricted sightlines in places so please take extra care.”

Images have shown huge amounts of rubbish strewn around the National Park in recent weeks.

Police charged 21 people in connection with irresponsible camping and environmental damage after sites were trashed in the area.

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